Do I need to be able to swim? Resolved

  • YES, for obvious reasons you must be able to swim as you will be entering an open water environment and swimming is one of the three legs of triathlon!
  • Our safety crews will be there to assist you if you need help.
  • However, as a guideline, we suggest you have a minimum competency of:
  • There are time limits for the swims and if you exceed them, you could be removed from the water. The time limits are:

Note: TriAthy swim race distances are TryAthy 250m, Sprint 750m, Olympic 1,500m and Double Olympic 3,000m. You can also review each of the Swim Maps for each of the races below:

SwimAthy: To aid your race preparations we strongly recommend that you to take part in SwimAthy to test the water ahead of race day. SwimAthy takes place on Sunday 26th May 2024. The River course for all TriAthy swim legs will be in place for SwimAthy.

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