1 years ago
What is "Transition"?

  • Transition is an area where all entrants must rack their bike and leave their essentials for the swim and run.
  • It is the area where you will be based for transition from swim to bike (known as T1) and bike to run (known as T2)
  • The transition area is a secure area, limited to entrants only.
  • At TriAthy there are separate transition zones for each of the TriAthy races.
  • Competitors should be fully aware of the movement flows in and out of transition during race day. These will be set out in detail within the race course maps.

1 years ago
What can I leave in transition?

  • Your bike, helmet and bike shoes.

For the TriAthy 2021 event ONLY you may leave a small bag with your belongings (towel / change of clothes) beside your bike as there will be no Bag Drop this year to reduce COVID19 transmission risk.

  • Whilst transition is fully secure, all belongings are left at owner’s risk.
  • Please note that only you and your kit will be allowed into transition.

1 years ago
How do I know when to rack my bike in the transition zone?

  • You will be allowed access to your transition area for racking before your race starts - the precise times will be outlined in the Athlete Guide which will be distributed in the days before race day.
  • You must pass through a bike check station on your way into your transition area.
  • Your bike must be racked in advance of the mandatry race briefing.
  • All information relating to race (and wave) starts will be emailed to you before the race in the Athlete Guide. It will also be available online ahead of race day.

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