I'm a local resident and need to make a journey on the day of the event.

  • Road Closures will be in place in the area on 4th and 5th September 2021.
  • Further details will be posted on the TriAthy website approx 4 weeks before raceday.

Which roads are closed during the event?

  • We will list which roads and at what times that these roads will be closed as the event approaches.
  • Please be sure to plan your journey carefully, the road closures will add time to your travel.

How will the roads be closed?

  • Road will be closed in conjunction with the Local Authority and Garda Siochana using cones, barriers and traffic management personnel, supplemented by motor cycle marshals.
  • This will create a traffic free environment for the entire event thereby enhancing event safety and improving the overall experience for our competitors.

What happens in an emergency?

  • Please be advised that road closures DO NOT affect the blue light services, and a member of each will be with us at Race Control during the event so we can respond quickly and efficiently to any emergency call-out.

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