Why do I need a Race Licence to participate at TriAthy?

  • TriAthy is a Triathlon Ireland sanctioned event.
  • As such all participants are required to have a "Race Licence" in order to participate for insurance purposes.
  • A Race Licence is:


    Full Membership of Triathlon Ireland in 2021

    (FULL, STUDENT or JUNIOR Membership Only)


    A Triathlon Ireland One Day Membership for the TriAthy race you are taking part in on 4/5 September 2021


    Full Membership in 2021 of any affiliated ITU Organisation (including the British Triathlon Federation encompassing: Triathlon England / Welsh Triathlon / Triathlon Scotland)

  • Note that One Day Membership for the TryAthy race is at the discounted rate of €15. For all other races, the One Day Membership is €25.
  • PLEASE TAKE A SCREENSHOT OF YOUR RACE LICENCE and have it ready for this years TriAthy Virtual Race Check-In which opens on Monday 30th August 2021.
  • PLEASE NOTE: NO RACE LICENCE MEANS NO RACE - so please play close attention to this requirement to avoid disappointment on race day.

What is the deadline to purchase a Race Licence?

  • You should ensure that you purchase your race licence in advance of raceday.
  • The latest date to purchase a One Day Licence is midnight on Thursday 2nd September 2021.
  • PLEASE NOTE: No Licence means No Race - There are NO exceptions to this policy.

Your Race Licence will be needed for this years Virtual Race Check-In

  • This year, TriAthy will have a Virtual Race Check-In (VR Check-In) to remove the need for indoor gatherings and to eliminate risk of COVID19 transmission.
  • The VR Check-In will open on Monday 30th August 2021 and everyone racing MUST complete it in order to race.
  • You will be asked to upload you Race Licence during the VR Check-In process - so please have a soft copy of your Race Licence at the ready. This must be a screenshot or file (.pdf/.jpg/.png) that provides clear evidence of the existence of your Race Licence.

For Triathlon Ireland Memberships (including One Day Memberships) please refer to this link on accessing your virtual memberships.

  • Please ensure your Race Licence is in order BEFORE you commence the TriAthy VR Check-In.

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