The TRY race is the perfect introduction to triathlon for beginners and those wanting to get a feel for what triathlon is all about.

All very doable with a gentle downstream swim, easy cycle and short run. No tides, swells or waves (normally!)

250m Swim

The Swim course is just 250m and is a perfect introduction to open water swimming. The entire course is downstream, so there are no nasty currents working against you.

20km Cycle

The Cycle course is to the South of Athy along closed sections of the R417. This is a very simple 10km out and 10km back course on substantially open and flat road. There are a small number of undulating sections but it is regarded by many as a fast and easy course.

4km Run

The Run Course involves a single lap of a short 4km circuit to the South of Athy. Care should also be taken between along a stretch of the road where inbound cyclists will be approaching. Also - be careful not to take the longer Sprint and Olympic courses by accident - study the map opposite!



Click HERE to download the 250m Swim Map in PDF format.


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Click HERE to download the 4km Run Map in PDF format.



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