What is 'transition'? Resolved

  • Transition is an area where all entrants must rack their bike and leave their essentials for the swim and run legs.
  • It is the area where you will 'transition' from being a swimmer to a cyclist (known as T1) and then a further 'transition' from a cyclist to a runner (known as T2).
  • The transition area is a secure area, limited to entrants only.
  • At TriAthy there are separate transition zones for each of the TriAthy races as shown in the transition plan below (please note this is always subject to change and is shown here for guidance purposes only. The finalised transition map will issue in the Athlete Guide which issues before Raceday.)

  • Competitors should be fully aware of the movement flows in and out of transition during race day. These will be set out in detail within the race course maps.
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