Why is a Temporary Road Closure needed for TriAthy? Resolved

  • In order to host the TriAthy event, a temporary road closure is required to cater for the significant number of participants who take part each year.
  • This is an essential safety feature of the race and heightens the quality and standard of experience for our athletes. It also allows enough space for supporters and well-wishers to cheer on their club-mates and relatives taking part. 
  • The TriAthy Team acknowledge that these temporary arrangements will cause some inconvenience and disruption to local residents along the route of the race.
  • We will always try to mitigate the impact through extensive pre-race communications in advance of race day. 
  • We hope the vibrancy and colour of Race Day more than compensates for any inconvenience caused. We invite all local residents to support and cheer the thousands of triathletes and would-be triathletes taking part in the event. 
  • Participants in TriAthy come from all over Ireland and further afield. Let's give them a great Athy welcome. 


  • Please see our information leaflets for residents HERE
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