The Double Olympic

The longest and toughest of the TriAthy races. "The Double" is a great race for those taking on longer triathlon challenges. Endurance is tested and most conquer this great distance. Matches closely to a Half-Iron distance with the exception of a much longer swim.

3,000m Swim

The challenging 3,000m Swim takes place in the River Barrow. There are 3 turns to navigate and swimmers take the current as follows: 900m upriver, 600m downriver, 600m upriver and a final 900m downriver.

80km Cycle

The cycle consists of 2 x 40km laps running to the south of Athy. Approx 70% of the course is on wide closed roads, with about 30% traversing a more technical section close to Kilkea Castle.

20km Run

NEW COURSE IN 2024: The Run Course involves 3 full laps of a 5.3km circuit to the South of Athy followed by a shorter lap of 3.7km which diverts across the River Barrow towards the Finishing area. For the first time, there is no cross-country element to the course with all the course along defined pathway or road.

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